Friday, December 11, 2015

The Giving Season

As we approach this magical season of giving I always get so nostalgic. It is a time that reminds me of how lucky and blessed I am in my life. Christmas has always made me happy, and for so long I didn't really enjoy the holiday as much as I do now. Since I have been with my husband it has truly been a magical time of year. He has been so good to me, and not just about gifts but man he really spoils me so much with such thoughtfulness in everything he does. He knew how important putting the lights up on the house was for me and man he knocks it out of the park. Every day I drive up to my house and I get butterflies in my stomach, it makes me soooo happy to see all the lights up. It is magical! We get so excited about this time of year for each other and for the kids. I love getting my kids a bunch of things that they love and that make them happy. I love it all, not a joke I sure do!

I started to gather some things for homeless people this year and it makes me really feel so grateful for having such joy and so much love in my life. I also feel so grateful for my mental health, so important for me. For so long I worried if I would suffer from mental illness, specifically depression. But I am grateful I get to really focus on the joys in life because my mental health is great. I bought some shampoos, conditioners, deodorants, fresh socks and soap to hand out to people who are homeless. It makes me happy that I get to help out in some very small way. This is what Christmas is to me, it is the joy of giving. I do my best to do this each year, somehow give to others. I do my best to be as thoughtful as possible in each gift that I am lucky enough to give. For me this is the magic of Christmas, the ability to give to others and share my love.

This was my Mom's favorite time of year too, and often times when I think about her or need her most I can smell a fresh Christmas Tree. This is her way of visiting me, it was her favorite smell and she would get as excited as a kid when we would go to the store and pass by a tree or a wreath. In many ways this time of year is celebrating her and the love she gave to so many others. I am not religious and I understand that this time of year is hard on many, but I hope for each person that they get to experience magic in whatever way possible at whatever time of year. I am excited this year for giving to the homeless and for sharing some magical time with my family and my friends. Baking sweets and spending time together while we are so lucky to have snow surrounding us, sharing in the beauty of giving this is what I look forward to each year. My husband makes this time of year magical and beautiful for me, I don't take this for granted and I am so, so, so grateful for his love and his ability to make my dreams come true. I am truly lucky to have someone who loves me so much, and cares so much that he goes out of his way to give me the Christmas that makes the little girl in me excited beyond belief. Much love to all, and remember why we do all this, to give and share our love with others. Namaste :)