Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Flow of Dreams and Goals

For the past year I have been working at a job that I started to help me get through my Masters. Somewhere along the way I got sidetracked on my goals. It is a job that is able to take everything from you emotionally and it certainly took me on a scenic road this past year. Becoming an emergency services dispatcher was a step to get me to my next place in life/career. It has been a huge learning opportunity for me on so many levels. What I am most grateful for is that it has shown me some contrast in life of what I want and don't want. It has taught me patience and to persevere in ways I didn't think of before. It has certainly made me truly understand team work, without it you can have disaster on your hands within a moment.

Now I am starting to rethink career, joy and abundance. I am really struggling within to see the connection of all three while honoring my authentic self. Through much discussion and personal discovery I have learned that I have some blocks when it comes to believing those three things can all come together. So my work now is to remove those blocks and to find a path that makes sense for me. A path that brings me to a career with really good pay while still honoring the joy that I want. I have learned I love and thrive when I am tapping in to my creativity, I have also learned I love being part of a team. My husband is currently pursuing a career that he dreamed of but figured at some point that maybe it was too late in life. He decided to go after it anyway and he is removing his own blocks of belief and I couldn't be more proud. I think what makes sense is - it is never too late to reinvent your dreams and career. The flow of dreams and goals is constantly ebbing and flowing, often changing and sometimes steady. I was only side tracked but I see now all the valuable lessons I was learning about myself through this past year even though I thought I was becoming stagnant. The surprise is to look back and see how much it has helped me to push forward and reinvent myself. I am excited for what comes next, and I am excited to continue this self discovery journey, even when it is frustrating. Don't give up.....keep on flowing, dreaming, planning and creating. Namaste.