Tuesday, September 30, 2014

25 Days!

I started counting down the days to my wedding at 886 days, I am now 25 days away. Every day I am amazed at how much I can love someone more. He has been so supportive of me in all my dreams, thoughts and plans. He has held me up when I was unable to do it myself, and he has let me lead when I am living with passion. He is my reality and my dream, and everything I couldn't have imagined to be real. He is my oak tree, and he stands tall by my side through it all. I could not ask for a better person in my life. I know I am loved, I know that and I trust that like I have never known. He shows me every day, and every day is new and full of love and surprise. I am lucky, I know that for sure. I have been through a broken heart, and a marriage that ended. I have had my trust shattered and I am living proof, that you can find love no matter where you are at in life, you just can't stop believing that. Thank you my love for a beautiful life <3 Namaste :)

Monday, September 29, 2014

Think you can!

Last night this quote was repeating over and over in my head. I wonder how often I sub consciously think I can not do something. I feel like it is my life's work to think thoughts that create the life that I dream of. I have so many reasons to be thankful, and I am, I really am! I am so thankful for the love I have in my life, for the amenities that I sometimes take for granted, for a wonderful job, for amazing friends and family and for my inner happiness. And then there are times I limit myself in my thinking of what I can have. So this quote was like a record in my head last night as I was trying to fall asleep, and it made me step back and tell myself to follow the words that I speak to others so often - you deserve the best in everything, there are no limits to what you can have in life, there is no limit on the peace and joy you feel in life, you just have to receive. This is also my son's favorite quote and so I think about him anytime I remember it. He reminds me to flow with life and just do what you love, regardless of what anyone else says and regardless of what is going on around you. He is such an inspiration to me in that way, no matter what he does what he loves to do and he practices his art every day. So check within today, do you believe you have limits in what you can have? In love or abundance or joy? If you say you can't have something you are right, if you say you can you are right....so choose that you can. Namaste :)

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Let Worries Drift Away

As I was driving to work this morning I was overcome with love for the man I am about to marry in 30 days, and I shed some very happy tears. We are so close to getting married, and I was thinking of being near the ocean, and the journey that it has been to get to this day that is so close now. A long time ago I decided that I wanted to live a life that I created from my biggest dreams. There has been hurt and anger, and loss along the way and there are scars that will forever be a part of me. But the beauty that has come from doing my own work to become the most authentic me possible has been incredible. I am living a life that fills me with love, joy and profound peace. I have been on a journey that has led me to amazing places, met beautiful people, and I know that the best of life is in every moment. I am sure that I am living a life that I have created with love and joy, and that makes me so thrilled to be a part of this world. Looking back 10 years, and even 5 I couldn't have dreamt a life this good, but I had faith that the universe would match my vibration of everything I was intending...and it sure did. And so my message sent from the angels and guides today is to live this life right in this moment, and to dream your dreams bigger than ever, and to let your worries drift away. We are taken care of in a huge way, and it is our job to create the life we want...so take a chance and write down some things that you want your life to be. One day you will look back and see how magical life really is. Namaste :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Everything will be alright

I usually listen to audio books in the morning during my 40 minute commute to work, but today I decided to listen to music. And I decided to listen to reggae, which I don't usually do. I do like the music but it isn't something that I typically choose on Pandora. But something in me today wanted to listen, and so I did. Three Little Birds came on by Bob Marley, the second song in. Let me explain the significance of this song.

When my mom passed away this song played over and over in my head, even though it had been years since I heard it. And every time I would worry this song would play in my head, and it would feel as if my Mom was hugging me. So this song is actually something that comes to me when I need to feel peace, and today it came at the exact moment I needed it. I trusted in my gut and followed that feeling of just doing it. I almost cried when it came on, from pure joy. So my message today is follow your gut, it will lead you to where the universe takes care of you. Have faith that every little thing is gonna be alright! Namaste :) and P.S. I love you Mom, thanks for visiting <3

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Why Not Today?

So many times we say "Someday, I am going to do that, or go there" and I say why not today? Start your plans, start doing the things that you want to do. Why wait? As the Garth Brooks song says "If tomorrow never comes" and that is so important. Why not do the things that we love, and find ways to do the things we want to do, or go the places we want to go. Start planning that trip you have always dreamed of, start that business that you have always wanted to start. Life is here for us to enjoy thoroughly, it starts with feeling excitement then start planning. Even if you are planning and not sure how it is going to happen yet, get out that planner or the pen and paper and start planning all the things you want to do. Then choose one, and start making it a reality. Feel the power of the universe conspiring in your favor to make your dreams come true. Feel it, Plan it, Believe it!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Turning a Bad Morning to a GREAT day!

I will keep this one short and sweet today. I started off my day from a horrible dream. I woke up and felt so disconnected, and honestly quite scared. It took me about an hour, but I sat and closed my eyes and told myself - the dream wasn't the reality, you are the only one that can create your reality. Choose Happy, Choose Joy, Choose Peace. I imagined what I felt like, just last night, laughing so much with my fiancée, I felt that joy and I decided at that moment to change my day. I also reached out to my friends who can make my day better. So if you are having an off day, close your eyes remember a joyful time, see yourself laughing and let that feeling take over. When you open your eyes, you will feel so much lighter and happier. Namaste :)

Monday, September 15, 2014


Dream with no limits
Dream with no doubt
Dream with passion

See it how you want it
Feel it like it's already happened
Let your heart soar, feel the joy

Open your heart
Open your soul
Dream bigger and bigger each day!
~ Cristina Alfaro

Living Through Intention

I am currently reading The Map by Bonni Lonnsbury, and it is a fantastic book if you want to take steps in consciously creating the life you dream of. There are some really great tools on creating intentions. I have created intentions for the last 7 years or so, and this book is helping me refine my creation. Creating the life you love, and being able to live from peace and joy takes daily work. What steps do you take to create the life you dream of consciously? Well today, I will start by writing down my intentions, then refining them and making sure they are coming from a positive place instead of a place of lack. Adding gratitude to your intentions helps move quickly to manifestation. Example: I intent to create a business doing the work I love, by helping others find joy, peace and abundance. I intend that this business or an even better one will bring me more money than I ever imagined possible, while providing safety, an abundance of love, and loving, kind relationships. I intend that I will also be abundance in joy and peace while doing this work. I intend that I will work hours that will work with hours that make sense for who I am, and that I will experience the best of everything in life.

What are your intentions for your life? For more detailed information on conscious creation, I highly suggest reading her book, it is a really powerful tool for creation and manifestation. Namaste :)

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Love this moment

Today is a beautiful reminder to live in this moment. Millions of us will remember where we were, how we felt and how this day changed so many lives on 9/11/2001. We never know what our future holds, and we only have this moment in our lives to be happy and live joyously. Life is short here on this precious earth that we live on, we are meant to enjoy this sensory experience in absolute joy and love. Take this moment to breathe in the calm, and while breathing out smile knowing that you were able to take that breath, and to live in this moment. Forgot your worries, and just focus on right now. Think of the people that you share this journey with and radiate that love. Take a deep breath and savor this beautiful moment in this life. Namaste :)

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

What We Think We Become

I am not sure if it is the Super Moon, or the energy around me, but I needed this reminder today. I need to remind myself that my thoughts are creating my future, more so yesterday than today but still a great reminder. Sometimes I want to know everything and find it very difficult to surrender and trust with blind faith that all will be well. There have been so many messages coming to me that say "Just trust in the Universe, and all will be just as it should". So if you are feeling the impatience and worry of what the future holds, take a moment and remember, everything is bigger than these worries that we have today. Our lives are so much bigger than this moment, so take the time to step back and thank God for what we get to experience here today. And if you are worried about the future, ask for patience and let God or the Universe know that you trust in the divine energies that guide us. Relax, take a deep breath and let go. Namaste :)

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Helping Others

I am currently reading Live to Tell by Immaculee Ilibagiza, it is heart wrenching and yet full of hope. She is a survivor of the genocide in Rwanda. If you haven't read it, I do highly recommend it. I am about half way through the book and I find myself wondering how people who have suffered through such hatred and such destruction find peace and forgiveness for others. A quote from her speaks volumes: "“Never refuse any who ask you for help; if your pockets are empty, give them hope. Your every action must be born of kindness, your every word spoken with love. Live as God would have you live, and others will be inspired to do the same.” 
This really resonated with me today, and reminds me that we are here to live our best lives, and with that we can offer to help others when they ask for it, or when they need it. I am getting in to the field of therapy because I want to help others live to their highest potential, and offer hope in dark times. But this reminds me to be kind every day doing small things, or just offering a kind gesture to others through a smile. Listening to someone when they need someone to talk to, offering a meal, or a hand to hold. There are so many small things we can do that can help others have hope, that can help others feel supported, and sometimes we can help others from feeling lonely. Share your kindness with others, share your love and do all things from a kind heart. Namaste :) 
I have compassion for others and for myself. 
I radiate love to all others.
I forgive those that need forgiveness.
I am at peace within.

Monday, September 8, 2014

You Create Joy

Living joyously is a conscious decision made each day. Every morning when you wake up, make the decision that you will find joy throughout your day. Mondays are the days that seem to be challenging when the alarm goes off, for me at least. But I start by being thankful for the comfortable bed I slept in, and thankful for the privilege of fresh, warm running water to start my day. I am also very fortunate to have a long drive to work, this is my time to listen to audio books and to do my self work (my affirmations). When you start your day from appreciation it is much easier to find the joy. The energy you give out is what you get back, gratitude brings more gratitude, joy brings more joy. Take a few moments and think about what you are grateful for, there is always something to be grateful for. Writing it down is so important, make a note of the people, things, or circumstances you are grateful for today. It is time well spent, and it gives you a moment to focus your energy on appreciation. All we have is this moment, and we are creating our future with our thoughts, starting with appreciation is profoundly important. Namaste :)
I appreciate and love my life.
I am love.
I am peaceful.
I am joyous.
I am a magnet for miracles.
I radiate love.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Dreaming & Creating Life

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” ~ Mahatma Ghandi

This is one of my favorite quotes of all time, and I think about this every day. If today were my last day how would I live, how would I love? What would I say to people? There have been so many times I have seen someone leave this physical world, and they had so much to say to people, or so much to do. We get stuck worrying about time and money and saying we will do things tomorrow, but what if it never came? Take today to make a list of things you want to do - your bucket list, write it! Then start putting the intention out that you are going to do those things, and start making them happen one by one. I get to cross one off this October when I travel to the Caribbean, a life long dream of mine and I get to marry the man that I am so incredibly lucky to share this life with. I decided why stop there, so we will be crossing off his top bucket list item early next year. I have been able to meet some of the people who have inspired me to live this life joyously and I am so grateful. Start living life, start crossing off items on that bucket list. Plan, even if you have to imaginary plan right now it helps get the vibration out to the universe. Once you start planning it, you will start feeling the reality of doing it. Do all the little things too, tell your loved ones what they mean to you every day. Thank God, or the universe or whatever you believe in that you get to live this day, and you get to plan for the life you dream of. Dream, Create, Love & BE JOYOUS!! Namaste :)
I am open to new experiences.
I trust life.
I am a magnet for success and joy.
I love this life, I am free from fear. 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Sharing Abundance

I was out of town this weekend so I was unable to post any blogs, but I am back and happy to start blogging again!
Instead, I have an abundance mentality: When people are genuinely happy at the successes of others, the pie gets larger
​" ~ Stephen Covey​

​I have been working at noticing others abundance as well as mine, but being genuinely happy for those with abundance. Not just financial abundance, but abundance of love, happiness, peace and wealth. I was fortunate to spend time with a couple this past weekend who had great abundance in all things, and what I found was they appreciated this moment, and they share their abundance with everyone. I have read so much about sharing your abundance, and when I saw it this weekend I could see the energy that it gave off. Abundance is to be shared, the more you give the more you get. But they weren't focused on the get part of it, they just did it out of love. It was a perfect reminder to share your love, share your joy and share your wealth. In whatever way feels good within. I am so fortunate to have abundance in all things, and I created this blog to share by appreciation of love, joy and peace. Have a beautiful day! Namaste :) 
I am joyful.
I share my abundance with everyone I meet.
I am abundant in love, health, wealth and peace. 
I radiate love.