Thursday, March 12, 2015

A reminder that life is short - LIVE IT!

A couple of days ago my family suffered a tragic loss, my 34 year old cousin left this earth. As you can imagine, the loss was devastating to her Mom and the rest of the family. As death often does, it makes you question your own mortality and life. I was reminded how precious life is, and how it truly is meant to be lived filled with joy and love. A reminder to not waste our days in stress or live it as if it were our last, and enjoy what matters most. There is still work to be done and we will get caught up in our daily grind, but don't forget to stop and appreciate all that we have. Notice the beauty around you, and remind yourself how extremely lucky you are to have people in your life. I will end this with something my cousin wrote last September, I think it is incredible to see these words knowing we no longer have her here on earth...I know she is here and all around us still loving us with even more now.

"Live your life while you can! Go on that trip. Take that swim. Kiss that person. Go to that wedding that you don't really feel like going to. A drive to Santa Cruz. Dinner in the City. Experience life as much as you can. Anytime you have a chance, take it!! I promise that you will never regret it. Anxiety & depression can be debilitating. It makes you feel like you can't do anything. Once it hits.. you'll never be the same because it's like, once you've known that fear, and you feel it, you can't forget it. Try your best to overcome it. Talk to people who understand. People do care. Try to think positive. Positive thoughts bring positive things. Pray. Meditate. Breathe. Anything that helps you. Just try. Don't let it take the fight out of you" (Alisha, September 2014).

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  1. Life is indeed short....
    We must enjoy every single second of our life as it is a blessing by God :)

    May her soul rest in peace..

    The lines in the picture reminds me of Jerry(P.S. I Love You) and Jack (Titanic).

    Cheers! Keep BBlogging!