Friday, September 18, 2015

What I know for sure at 40 (Thanks Oprah for the inspiration!)

As I turn 40 this week, I have been reflecting on life and all that I have experienced and learned in this 40 years. I am overjoyed that I get to spend another birthday with the ones I love and living the life that I only dreamed of, but became my reality. I am grateful for so many people and so many experiences, I am truly living my best life. I am excited to turn 40, and I am beyond excited for as much time as I get blessed with here in this physical experience. Oprah's book What I know for Sure has inspired this piece, thank you Oprah!
Life is absolutely, without a doubt incredibly beautiful. If you look for beauty you will be astounded at how much beauty surrounds us every day. A smile on someone’s face, a flower that makes you happy, a bird flying to remind us of our own ability to soar. So many things, people we love, the sun that warms us, the moon that lights our darkness. The dragonfly that reminds me I am on the right path, the water that settles my soul and so much more. Look for the beauty.

Live your life from gratitude and love and life will reward you with even more! Be grateful for everything in life, everything. Make decisions based on love, allow love to fill your soul and you will be so happy, no matter what. Even if it takes work, focus on gratitude and love. The more you are thankful for, the more you will receive to be thankful for.

Mistakes are the best lessons we can learn. I have made so many mistakes in life, but really those mistakes were my biggest teacher. I am so grateful for the times I have fallen, the times I have been lost…through all of those times I found the beauty of me. I became closer to the true me each time. Don’t dwell on the mistakes; look for the lesson in it. Look for what you learned, and be kind to yourself.

There is always time to take a chance. It is never too late, you are never too old, and life is never too busy for you to take a chance on yourself and your dreams. It is always the right time for you to take a leap of faith and do what makes your soul happy.

Love is worth it. Love is worth all the pain, the frustration and the joy. Every bit of it is worth the vulnerability that you show each time you love another. We are all pure love within, and love is truly what makes everything make sense. If we could all love ourselves then there would be nothing but love in this world. Radiate love to all and especially to yourself.

You choose joy! You can choose misery, you can choose anger, and you can choose joy. I chose joy, and every day I feel more and more joyful. I chose to not let anger and fear lead me any longer. It was a choice, and it is a choice I make every day. Trust me, it is the best choice you can make, it will lead you to all that you ever dreamed, and you will feel peace like you have never known. You will also be astounded how nothing really bothers you anymore, and no one does either.

Life is short. Life is too short to wait for anything. You truly don’t know if you will have another minute, hour, month or year. So live as if it is your last moment, and love with all your heart and soul. I have lost so many loved ones too early, and I have learned that life is way too short. Do what you want, don’t settle for anything less than absolute joy and love. Laugh every day, and be vulnerable enough to share your love and your joy with others.

Time heals. There will be times in your life you will be brought to your knees, and you will be tested in ways you never knew, you will see darkness that you won’t know there is light. But time helps you, time will show you that you can stand tall once again, that you will love yourself deeper than you have known, and that light will surround you and guide you. This moment is not forever, time will help you heal and soften. There is always hope, there is always love.

Be you, the real and raw you. The world wants you, not the you that the world might think you are. Not the you with the job title or the degree, the you that is raw and vulnerable. The you that has lived your story, the you that is passionate and happy, the you that sometimes hides. It is when you are comfortable with who you are that you become the light in others’ lives, and the spark of joy that can help others smile and have hope.

I love being Mom. It has been the most profound privilege to be mom to the two children I was blessed with. To watch another human being come in to this world through me and then to live each day in this world is indescribable joy. From infants to young adults, being able to be part of their journey is without a doubt the most awe inspiring experience I have ever known. To see the soul of two young children discover this world and discover themselves is a privilege, and it is the purest love I have ever known. It is otherworldly to be a part of this process and journey with them.

Two healthy people make a fantastic relationship. Each of us has to do our own work, and when we do it is phenomenal. I am grateful to be in love with a person that is healthy in his mind and soul, and that is a true partner in life. It took many years of therapy to discover how incredible I was when I cleared my mind of fears and insecurities, and I allowed myself to accept, love and forgive myself. When I am my best self, I am the best partner. We are each our own complete person and we are each a pillar. With that comes the most profound intimacy and love I ever imagined. I have opened myself vulnerably to be loved by another, to trust another. He has cared for and respected that piece of me, and has opened himself up in the same way. With that I have found such beautiful, kind, joyous, strong love and partnership. You have to do your work folks, we all do! No one can love us until we love ourselves, I get that now. No one can save you, only you can save you. No one can complete you, you have to complete yourself. It is when you do this that you can open yourself up to a beautiful and fulfilling love.

You need your tribe. Your people are important; your tribe is like a life line. My family and my friends mean the world to me, and I have come to have a close tribe that supports me, encourages me, and finds the joy in life. As they say “Your vibe attracts your tribe” and I am loving my tribe. Keep people in your life that lift you up, that are there to hold your hand and are there to share in laughter and tears in life. We all need a tribe to help us through!

You are enough! This is the one for me, the one that changed it all. For most of my young adult and adult life I believed I was never enough. Never a good enough wife, mother, daughter, granddaughter, sister, human being. Then I realized I am more than just enough, we are all more than enough! We are wise, capable, able, beautiful, magical beings. You are enough for anything and everything you have ever dreamed of and even more!!!! You are enough simply because you exist. You are enough, you are enough. Never doubt it, never live from that lack – it hurts you and everyone else. Love who you are, and trust that you are enough and so much more!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Soar, higher than you imagined!

Often times I don't know where I am going, if I am on the right path or not. It is in those times that I try to remember, that as long as I have faith that the universe is always conspiring in my favor, then I am safe and I will continue to be guided along the way. It is quite difficult for me to relinquish control, but it is when I do that magic happens. When I trust in process of life, life leads me to exactly where I need to be. And right now I am at somewhat of a crossroad, and I am unsure of what I want as the next step, so this quote reminded me to just spread my wings and allow the winds to carry me. It is in times of the doubt and fear that clear signs always show up. What I have learned is that if you just live from gratitude and love every day, you will be at your highest vibration and will align yourself with the magic the universe has to offer. The only limits are what we put on ourselves, we can fly higher than we have ever imagined. So I remember today to spread my wings and allow the winds to carry me, I trust in the process of life. I am filled with gratitude today, and absolute joy and love! Namaste :)