Monday, December 29, 2014

Tell the story of what you want

I just finished a book by Esther Hicks and Wayne Dyer called Co-Creating at Its Best. (By Hay House Publishing, I added the link to the book) It is a conversation between Wayne Dyer and the collective consciousness known as Abraham. The book is so powerful! I am about to start it over again, I like to do that because I always get more out of my second read. The first read is like a little kid excited to open gifts and I am overwhelmed by all the messages, the second time gives me the chance to slow it down and think about the messages. One of the messages that stood out the most to me was if you want to feel good, then you first have to find the feel good feeling.

It is quite difficult for me sometimes to be in a not good feeling and somehow get to a feel good feeling. Today, towards the end of the book Abraham made the point that this physical life is where it is all at, that we are able to create whatever it is that we want, and we do it every day. I was able to notice some patterns in my thinking and how I have concentrated too much energy on what I don't want, and that I need to focus that energy on what I do want. When I think about what I don't want the momentum of feelings creates more of what I don't want. It is like a snowball gaining momentum and eventually becoming an avalanche. During a meditation this weekend I felt my soul's expansion, and I realized how much I am, and that I can tap in to the universal energies any time I want. And I also realized I have been pinching myself off more often than not lately. So my focus is to start thinking more about what I do want, and appreciating that I now know what I don't want. I decided to start the snowball right now of everything that I want. It is time for me, and I am so appreciative that I know now exactly what I don't want so I no longer have to focus on that any longer. What is your snowball creating right now? Is it time for you to start focusing on what you do want, and stop giving energy to what you don't want? Namaste :)

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  1. I started a notebook this new year and each day I ..write my new life story..motivation..direction my thoughts actually a great way to riase your vibration to because its like "plating" having fun :)