Monday, December 8, 2014

Getting through the storms

Storms come through our lives now and again and sometimes it seems like you are so consumed by that storm that years pass by without knowing. Sometimes those storms are so great, that it seems you will never see the light of day again. How do we find our joy in that? How do we find the sun through the clouds. Sometimes we can't, sometimes we just need blind faith to get us through.

I struggle sometimes when I am working to live a peaceful and compassionate life, and challenges keep coming at me. It is hard not to react to people who lie about you, who try their best to "take you down" without understanding what that does to someone's psyche. In the end, I really think it is an opportunity to find who we are. It helps us understand our triggers, and what darkness is still residing deep inside us. In the end, it is our chance to show yourself compassion and kindness. What if you broke down and let all the tears flow, all the anger fly out? Human emotions are within us, there is no denying that. So be kind when your emotions are flooding out, but don't react to people or situations, find the space to do it yourself or with someone who is close to you, to sit and hold your hand.

It is okay, but when you are done and you are exhausted find the light. Find what drives you to be who you are. Be kind to yourself, and remember we are all made of what universes are made of. You are okay, you are loved, and you will get through the storm a better you. Keep your focus on what matters, and focus on being a beautiful light shining in this world. Namaste :)


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    1. Thank you for reading and contributing Kerona! I appreciate your kind words.

    2. Imprseionannt. care less that I´m from Argentina and mi english is not as good ass yours, the phot and the words shocked me in a very particualry way. I´m 66 yet JUST retired , Id been in advertising many years and a LOVE WRITIGN, . Please, would you guive a look to my place...its in sapnish, but i´m uploding some things in english ass well. KISSES, REGARS, Fernando CAlegaris

    3. Hi Fernando! Thank you, I'm happy you found writing. Many people express in many different ways, and I too love writing. It gives me much joy to share and meet people from all over the world.