Sunday, July 27, 2014

Living from peace and joy

Living from peace and joy is a choice that you make. Many years ago I decided to live from peace and joy, and once I did everything started to fall into place. Each day I begin with a 30 minute affirmation session on my way to work, I am fortunate to have a commute of about 40 minutes. This time allows me to do my self work. Affirmations have been the key to living the life I have dreamed of, the life I am creating. On my mirror above my bathroom sink I have affirmations, in my car on my dashboard, and in many places that remind me of how I choose to think and live. Start putting up affirmations where you can see them, so that you can start the shift in your mind and in your thoughts. A great one to start with is looking in the mirror each morning and saying out loud "I love you". Louise Hay taught me this many years ago. First you need to love and accept yourself, that is the foundation that will begin living life from peace and joy. I encourage you to do this each day, say it three times looking at yourself. At first it will feel weird, but eventually you will believe it. I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed day! Namaste :)

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