Friday, February 13, 2015


Last night I received something that made me appreciate some work that I have been doing for several years. It was a moment that blind faith materialized, and it felt like a weight had been lifted from me. It was within a half an hour that my mind started thinking about the next steps and the what if's and it really took me by surprise. I actually said out loud "hold on, let me just revel in this appreciation." And it struck me, how often do we get to a place of so much joy and then don't appreciate that moment for more than a few minutes. What if we stayed in that place of appreciation? What if we lived with appreciation? So many books I have read have talked about living in gratitude and appreciation, and that when you do you break through barriers and you live the life you dream of. And in that moment last night it just clicked for me. That the joy is truly in the journey, and sometimes that requires blind faith and the not knowing of how a situation turns out but don't waste the journey on stress or your neurotic "what if" mind. Live in the moment, and trust that everything is happening just as it should, and that is so damn hard sometimes!! That's okay though, just get back in to appreciation and gratitude as quickly as possible. Being kind to yourself, remember that it is a journey and you will slip and fall along the way but keep moving forward. I appreciate this avenue of creativity and sharing my journey, I appreciate sharing my life with an incredible man who teaches me appreciation every day, I appreciate sharing my life with two children that bring me so much joy, I appreciate my friends who are there to lift me up and share in the joys. I appreciate my family and I appreciate life. When you are feeling joy and you are so excited for a moment, try and stay there for a while before jumping out of it and worrying about the next steps or the next part. Namaste :)


  1. That was a really interesting and sweet post :3~

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    1. Thank you for the nomination! I really am humbled that you chose my blog to be nominated. I will definitely follow up! Great blog as well :)