Tuesday, January 27, 2015

You did not die

"You did not die when you fell out of the tree
You did not die when you drove fast and went off the road.
You did not die when you crashed on the toboggan or when
you were lost in the desert for real or in your mind. But you did not die on the mountain nor
when you went under for the third time or when you lost your way. When you lost
all your money. You did not die when you died on the operating table. Not when your
heart stopped or when you were burned. Not when your body was challenged, terrorized
you did not die. You didn't even die when you gave up. Not when you saw
life blown to kingdom come, not even then did you die.
Not even when you jumped into the grave, or went terminally numb. Not when
you dried to bones. Not when your heart was hung by the neck till death.
Not when your bones were slashed, burned and your ashes blown away, even then
you did not die. You did not die, something in us, something eternal, the wounded healer comes
to the fore, takes it's tentative steps, grows stronger and thins to mend us. Body is filled with the stories of children you brought in to this world, it is filled with those you brought through who could not stay" Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph.D. ~ The Joyous Body

This reminded me of the resilience in each of us. And when she says the wounded healer in each of us, it reminds me that our stories can be healing for so many others. Even in death we do not die, our souls are set free from this physical world that we live. It is so powerful to read this, and it reminds me that each of us has a story, each of us has lived through unimaginable pain and that we are still here. We are still alive. Our pains and our challenges create the strength and beauty that we all have within. Through it all, we did not die. We are all wounded healers, some of us just emerging, some long emerged and teaching, and some not yet emerged but we all are wounded healers. What a gift and how alike we all truly are. Namaste :)

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