Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Enjoy the simple things

Over the last few days, it has hit me that I am beginning to really enjoy the simple things. And the more I enjoy these, the more I see how little "things" actually mean to me. What really struck me was when my husband brought up the same feelings that he has had over the last couple of days. Nothing is coincidence, I believe that those things we think are coincidence are actually small miracles happening. As I thought of this I looked around me and I thought to myself, what puts a smile on my face and makes me feel joy inside? I love seeing the moon, rising at night or hanging in the sky in the early morning as the sun chases it. I feel so much joy when I see it, I am in awe of it. I love waking up to hearing the birds chirp in the morning, their song puts a huge smile in my soul. The world around me is waking up, and I am so happy inside. I love when my cat snuggles up to me at night and purrs, it settles my soul in a way that I can't quite put in to words. I never thought I was a "cat" person per say, but this cat is such a unique soul that was put in to my life at the exact right time. I love feeling the sun on me, much like a cat loves sleeping in the sun. The warmth is so relaxing and puts me in to the present moment with no thoughts of the past or the future. Spending time with my husband just talking - this is one of my favorite things. This past weekend we sat near a lake and just quietly enjoyed each others company. Walking with him hand in hand with the sun on me, the lake quietly moving, the birds flying ever so close to the water...this is peace in my soul and joy in my heart. Talking with my kids and listening to what their perspective on life is. They fascinate me with how they see things as they are becoming young adults. They have such innocence still in so many things, and yet they are wise beyond their years. They teach me that anything is possible, that life is right here and ready for us to make it what we want. I am realizing slowly but surely it is all about the simple things in life, enjoying them and feeling the moments deep within. Cherishing the joy and the peace, listening and feeling nature around me. When I write about this I realize no possessions that I have make it to this list.....I am excited at what this will translate to in my every day life. Today I sit and enjoy the simple things in life that matter most to me, the people that I love more than words will ever be able to describe and I will intentionally find and create these moments today. Namaste :)

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