Saturday, November 28, 2015

Walking the Talk - Living with Intention

For many years now I have been doing my affirmations and I have been walking the talk that I am always speaking. I have come through many challenges and I have been able to move past some challenging days. I often wonder to myself, are my affirmations working, is all this positive talk and thinking working? Living intentionally is something that I decided on many years back, and I can tell you it works. That doesn't mean that somedays aren't filled with negative thoughts and disappointments, that is for sure. But what it does mean is that each day I am filled with hope and with real joy.

It is as easy as I make it, and truly it has become a way of life for me. It isn't something I don't believe in, it isn't a way of life I would ever give up. Recently in my life and my career I have had the opportunity to expand and I have some options in front of me. This, standing here in this beauty and joy of opportunity is so unbelievable. The difference this time out of many others is that I am aware of it, and I am appreciating it. Being able to experience the lessons as they occur and the unbelievable opportunities that are in front of me is extraordinary. Instead of just walking through life, I am taking each moment and I am intentionally feeling the emotion that comes along with it, good or bad. This to me is something that is key to walking my talk and giving life every bit of me. So often I am in a moment overcome with so much love and appreciation I can do nothing else but cry. And there are some days that I have no reason to feel sad and yet I am overcome with it, but I am in awareness of my own emotions and I intentionally take steps to live each moment in awareness and joy. Life is beautiful, profoundly beautiful and I am SO grateful to live each day with people I love. I am continuously on a journey of living and experiencing - and that is a blessing that I feel deep within me. I hope each person that reads this takes a moment today to intentionally feel the emotion you are feeling right now, be in that moment and be thankful that we get to feel and we get to decide what our next moment will be. Take a moment and enjoy the little things today, or the people you love or better yet - enjoy yourself! You are enough and even more, even if you may not believe it. And if you do believe it be grateful for self love, how lucky we are when we can love ourselves. Namaste :)

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