Monday, November 2, 2015

What are you grateful for?

Each November I start a daily gratitude practice, since after all November is the month of Thanksgiving. Even if you don't celebrate any holidays, it is nice to dedicate at least 30 days to gratitude. I did this earlier in the year for three months, it was incredible. If you haven't started I urge you to do so. Living from gratitude is the key to living a peaceful and joyous life. As we practice gratitude we are attracting more of what we are thankful for. Some days are so much easier than others, I know, but each day we can find something to be grateful for. What are you grateful for today? Write it down, keep a 30 day journal for this month. Then in December you can reflect back on the month. Radiate love today, practice gratitude and loving kindness to yourself and all others. Namaste :)

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