Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Missing Mom

9 years ago today my Mom left this physical world. I know that death does not mean an end to life, that our souls are on a journey through eternity. I also know that she is never really gone, I feel her all the time. When I am worried, sad or stressed I feel her arms wrapped around me. When I have accomplished something I am so proud of I feel her love around me, and I feel her infinite joy. Today I look back and I celebrate the time I had with her, I celebrate our challenges together and I celebrate how special we were to each other. I was lucky enough to be so close to her that I experienced her pain, her suffering and her joy right along with her. She was in immense pain both physically and emotionally but she always found a way to love people. She put herself last and she suffered mentally more than I will ever be able to imagine. She was an incredibly compassionate human being, who gave love more than anyone I have ever known.

She taught me so many things, and most I never appreciated until after she was gone. She showed me that love always comes first, and to love others with all my heart. She taught me to love my kids in a way I will never be able to explain, only in ways that I can show. She taught me that life is precious and limited in time here on earth, and through her anguish I was taught to savor each moment. She taught me that joy was a choice that we make. She taught me that I was worth every greatness in life. She taught me that I was capable of anything and to believe in myself. She taught me that the world is a good place despite all the sadness. She taught me to stand tall and to walk with my head up no matter what. She taught me that I am beautiful just as I am. You see she never knew she taught me all of this, she thought she had failed in so many ways. But what she didn't know was that she taught me all of this and more, and she was all of this as well. Her gifts to me are priceless, her presence is always with me and I am forever grateful for each moment we shared and each moment that we share now. She never knew that she was the world to so many people, she never knew that she was the one who brought joy to so many lives. In honor of her I live my life each day fearlessly and filled with joy and love. I honor her by being the best me possible, and believing in every dream, and believing that without a doubt I am worthy of love and greatness. I miss her here physically each and every day, but I am grateful to know and feel her love surround me every moment. Today I will appreciate the love in my life and I will give out all the love in my never know how long you get here in this physical experience, so be sure to love others and most of all love and believe in you. Namaste :)

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