Sunday, July 26, 2015

Peace Begins With Me

I have learned many things over the years, and I continue to learn every day. Just when I think to myself, oh I really understand this life...something else reminds me that I am on a lifelong journey of learning. Today I contemplated inner peace. Mostly because I had to write about it for school. And I thought about years past and how I have finally found that if I am happy and peaceful inside, then everything around me is that as well. The more peaceful I am, the more peace is around me. I realized that reacting to things was volatile and it only brought me more stress, more chaos and anxiety. I know now, that peace is all about within, and that everything else is just a reflection of what is happening inside. Self work is key, and reminding yourself constantly that what matters begins within. What you give out, you get. Are you happy? Peaceful? Calm? Or are you Stressed? Worried? Angry? Take a deep breath today and try to fill your inner self with peace and love. Then breathe it out to the world. Namaste :)

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