Thursday, January 1, 2015

Focus on good, keep that momentum

I am re-reading Co-Creating at It's Best with Abraham-Hicks and Dr. Wayne Dyer. It is a book that has to be read over and over to start absorbing all the messages in it. One piece of it is sticking out to me, and has me reflecting on my life to this point. All challenges and struggles are in our life to show us contrast. Contrast of what we don't want to help us know what we want. I am looking back on my life and looking at difficult times with appreciation. These times helped me figure out what I do want. With this new found appreciation, I have also decided that I now know what I don't want so much so, that I can just focus on what I do want. This is profound for me. I feel as if I have been set free, like my soul has expanded in such a way that I still can not understand. Here is what I know, I am free to live in joy. I am free to only do things that feel good, and I can focus on what I do want. I am excited for this New Year, and I am really excited for each day I get to live. Starting each day with gratitude will help you start living in the alignment of what feels good. Wake up each morning and search for what thoughts make you feel good...that way your day starts on the right vibration and you start the momentum of feelings that are good. That momentum will continue to grow and you will continue to attract things in to your life that make you feel good. Happy New Year! Namaste :)

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