Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Embracing the Light

"It is true, I will not lie to you; it is easier to throw away the light and go back to sleep. It is true, it is hard to hold the skull-light out before us sometimes. For with it, we clearly see all sides of ourselves and others, both the disfigured and the divine all conditions in between. Yet, with this light the miracles of deep beauty in the world and in humans come to consciousness. With this penetrating light one can see past the bad action to the good heart, one can espy the sweet spirit beneath the hatred, once can understand much instead of perplexed can determine consciousness and unconsciousness in oneself and others. It is the wand of knowing. It is the mirror in which all things are sensed and seen. It is the deep wild nature." ~ Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph.D.

I read this last night in the book, Women Who Run with The Wolves. In it she is talking about touching in to the wild nature, the pure nature of yourself. And that when you illuminate this piece of you, sometimes you want to un-know, to run from what the light has shown you. It is easier to just go through life without feeling or consciousness. But, once you illuminate your life, once you light the fire in your soul you can not turn back, for you have been gifted from the universe. Although sometimes difficult and sometimes there is too much feeling and knowing, this is where great joy is. This is where passion and wild, yet conscious nature is. This is you, the purest form of you. The reason you are here. Embrace your fire! Embrace your light that is shining for all to see, and protect your wild nature. As this year comes to an end this evening, I am reflecting on life as it has been. It has been an incredible journey this year and I have been gifted with illumination of my soul, my purpose and my gifts. I am excited for this new year and continuing to embrace the Wild Woman within. Happy New Year to you and may you find the wild nature within each day. Namaste :)