Thursday, October 1, 2015

Magical Energy

Since the eclipse/full moon on Sunday I have felt a break through in life. It has been as if a ceiling has been removed and I am limitless. The thing is, I have always been limitless, but I have certainly limited myself in my beliefs in the possibilities in life. I released all that no longer served me and welcomed in abundance in joy, finances, health, hope and beauty. I feel immense joy, so much that it is radiating all around me. I am so grateful each day for life, for the people that are in my life, for everything - everything! I feel as if I can shout from the rooftops how miraculous life is, how infinite we are and then simply take flight. It is a phenomenal feeling, and I think I realized as I talked to the universe and moon that truly we are glorious, limitless, magnificent beings - each and everyone one of us. I am so grateful for this creative writing space I share with all of you, and I am so grateful for this community of people that I share this space with. What are you grateful for today? Feel it, write it and believe it! I am sending out immense love and light to all today, radiate love and joy! Namaste :)

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