Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Have fun today, find some laughter

Well with the energies of the universe helping us all test our strength and shining light so that we can see some of our darkness, it is important that we find joy and laughter. Today, that is your goal: Find a reason to laugh, and then find another. We have some strong energies happening on our beautiful planet, that have been pretty tough for some of us. Are you feeling frustrated, feeling like your past has bubbled up again, or tired and have a headache? Some people are feeling overwhelmed at how much is on their plate. Well the good news is, we are in this energy right now and it will help us de-clutter, and it will also help us put some of our challenges to rest. So face your problems head on, but today find the laughter. Laughter can heal us so deeply. Laughter can help negative energy clear from around us, and it can help us remember why we are all here - to experience this amazing life that is full of beauty. Take some time today to find something that makes you laugh, or call up an old friend that always makes you chuckle. Or if you are the one that makes people laugh reach out and help bring some sunshine to someone's life. Let's not take life so seriously today, let's just find the joy in it, and flow. Have a happy day, Namaste :)

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