Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Living past fear

Over the weekend, I tried yet again to become a scuba diver. I have an irrational fear of not breathing and I get really claustrophobic. Now you might think that this little story ends with the grace and joy of overcoming my fears and becoming a diver. Well, it doesn't. I didn't get through it, I woke up in tears so afraid to even go back to class, and I said out loud "I don't want to be a diver". It was liberating and it was defeating all at the same time. You see, the man I am about to marry is an incredible diver and loves diving very much. So I tried to become one so that we can spend quality time doing what he loves. What came of this was my acceptance that there might be some things that he does that I don't and vice versa. I also realized that he loved me no matter what, and that he would love me if I was a diver or not a diver. I know, that seems so obvious, but sometimes our minds try and tell us a different story. And that is what this is about, to recognize your fears and recognize that sometimes are biggest fear is to fail at something. I didn't fail, I just admitted that at this time I am not ready to do this. And I also realized that at some point in this life, I do want to overcome this fear. We try and be all for everyone, but in reality we need to be true to ourselves. I worked myself up to become something that just isn't right for me at this time, all while knowing I wasn't being true to myself. So be true to who you are, and truly try to overcome your fears. I have walked through many fears to become who I am today, and I can tell you that on the other side of fear truly is bliss. But take the time to do it when it feels right to you, and do your best to stay true to yourself always. Namaste :)

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