Thursday, October 16, 2014

Make a point to find beauty today!

The last few mornings on my drive to work, there has been breathtaking beauty that I notice. Yesterday I saw so many rainbows I felt as if life was telling me that no matter what storm comes I will always have beauty in life to see. And today, the cloud formations with the sun peeking through, and the green of the trees after a fresh rain told me that there is always opportunity to be new and fresh each day. I feel so grateful to be alive, and I am profoundly aware of that recently. It is so easy for me and for all of us really, to get caught up in our daily tasks. The waking up, getting the kids prepared (although mine are old enough to do that on their own), get ourselves to work, get home, get dinner prepared, spend time with family, perhaps do homework, or a second job, or sports practices. You get the point, life becomes so routine that sometimes we forget to look up at the beauty that nature is showing us about life. 
I am fortunate to have a beautiful drive each day and I get to take about 40 minutes to take in the Sierra Nevada's and all of their beauty. For many, they don't get that time. So what can you do to take in some of nature? Perhaps take a walk on lunch, or take some time to look up. The trees give off so much calm and peaceful energy, the sky is so expansive it reminds us to open up and expand to our highest potential. The sun is there to remind us that there is warmth that surrounds us. The fresh air is there to remind us to breathe deeply and take the time to still our minds. Make a point to notice the beauty of nature today, go out and find it. It will be amazing what you see! Namaste :) 

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