Monday, October 6, 2014

Moving through the storm

How are you handling this Mercury Retrograde? I know that my past is bubbling up, and I have heard from a few friends that they are experiencing this as well. I hope for most of you that it is smooth sailing. This did make me think about how to live authentically in the midst of storms or challenges. And I have said this many times before, self-work is so important right now. Meditation, quiet time, getting out in nature - all of these things are so important when you are in the midst of storms. Finding your joy and peace even in the midst of chaos or unsettling is what will keep moving you forward and continuing to live authentically. Let the emotions come, and go. Send them off with love. Then claim your power again, however this is for you. Start journaling, and make sure your affirmations are a part of your daily routine. Staying present, in this moment and appreciating is what I am trying to do today. Don't worry about later or tomorrow, just live in this moment. And focus on the peace and stillness of in-between each breath. Let your love and peace radiate, especially now. Namaste :)

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