Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Emerging slightly above the mountain
Slowly brightening the world
Peeking above to see the dawn

Slowly rising illuminating the dark
As time goes on I rise higher and higher
Each day a new piece dawning

Finding the strength to shine
Appreciating the dark of yesterday
Emerging to a new way

Finding your strength and dawning a new life
Like the sun you rise
Shine your world with the brightness of your own light
~Cristina Alfaro

Courage to emerge from the dark, courage to set your soul on the journey of finding your strength and love. Namaste :)


  1. Your poem , it is a beauty. Bu you relly belive its possible?

    1. Yes, I really do! You have to believe it, and keep moving forward with what's in your heart and soul. Stay authentic to you always.