Friday, December 5, 2014

We Need Help (Some late Friday thoughts)

We need help sometimes, to strengthen our spirit. It's okay to need help. How often do we try and be strong enough to take on so much, all the time. Where do we gain our strength? It is within, it is connecting to the deepest part of our higher self, through silence or prayer that we can find peace. Sometimes our roads and journeys become so fogged by so many things that we just need help. It does not make you weak, it does not mean you are incapable sometimes we just need help.

As a student in the last year of my Bachelor's program, I am seeing how strong it is to seek help. When we have the courage to seek assistance, we honor ourselves and the light within. We are human beings traveling this physical world and sometimes we just need help. I am studying to become a marriage/family therapist, and guess what, I need help. I started back in therapy this last month because I noticed I needed some help navigating a situation that was hooking me. I am blessed to have found a therapist that is right for me at this time. You see if we honor what we feel inside, we are put on the path to find the people that we need at the exact right time.

I am so glad I got help, and for everyone help has a different meaning. Meditation, prayer, yoga, working out, running, spending a weekend unplugged, writing, painting, creating...but at some point we all need help. Reaching out and recognizing this is so courageous and beautiful, it is not shameful. We have so many people who give their lives to helping people find their strength, their courage and their soul, we just have to look and seek help. I am in a space right now where meditation, therapy and quiet is needed, and that is okay. Honor yourself, honor your soul and do what your soul is asking. Find peace, strength and joy. We go through seasons, and maybe right now you are doing great, but remember when you are feeling overwhelmed, or stuck, or sad or just plain horrible seek help. We grow up in a society where getting help is a sign of weakness, but the tides are changing, I see it every day. People are seeking peace and journeying within more and more, honoring themselves. Namaste :)

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