Thursday, December 4, 2014

Free yourself

Free yourself from the chains that bind
Free yourself from the stress of life
Free yourself from the cage and fly

Live this life filled with love
Allow the beauty of hope to fill your heart
Radiate love for all beings
Let go of the ego and mind

Free yourself from the chaos inside
Free yourself from the darkness
Free yourself from the veil around you

Look up and see the sky
Watch the birds fly and sing
Watch the trees stand tall and dance
Fill your soul with laughter and breathe, breathe
~ Cristina Alfaro

As these words came to me I felt the need to release and connect with nature. Breathe in the air and soul of the trees, let the birds show you how to fly and move with grace, wisdom and intuition. Connect with nature, connect with soul. Let your heart lead and breathe, just breathe. Moments like this help you connect with your soul and the divine. Find your moments. Namaste :)

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