Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Do What Feels Good

If we follow our inner guidance system, we will always be doing what feels good. I use the image in my head of swimming upstream against the current or flow downstream with the current. When making decisions, take a moment to do a gut check, do you feel as if you are swimming upstream or downstream. Flow lovingly with life, and when there are rocks in the river just flow around them. Your inner guidance system is always correct. This is a challenge when we think about the rules and regulations that we try to live by in life, but if you follow that simple imagery, you will lead yourself in the right way. 
Making your decisions with a good and loving intention, then checking to see if you feel like you are trudging your way up the river or nicely flowing with it will help guide you into making the choices in life that make the most sense for you. Take the time each day to sit in quiet with yourself, and ask your source for help. Source can be whatever you call it, God, the Universe, the Divine....whatever you believe in. Have a beautiful day friends, much love sent your way, always. Namaste :)

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