Monday, August 4, 2014

Times of growth & change

I am going through a time of growth & change, at times it is joyous and at times I feel the need to go deep inside to take stock of where I have been, where I am, and where I am headed. It is at these times that the affirmations and self work that I have done become so apparently important, like dim lights leading me through. Everything comes to you at the exact perfect time, no matter how impatient we might be. I personally have a tough time with patience, so I empathize with all others that feel that way too. These are the times to make space and time for yourself, to listen to your inner voice. It is there, and I promise even if you can't hear it, it is guiding you. I am listening to an audio book that talks about change, and letting go to become who you are. This message resonates deeply.

I feel as if a season is ending inside of me, and I am shedding some old spiritual agreements to open the expanse of my soul. It feels wonderful and yet at the same time it feels sad and overcast inside. Have you ever felt this? These are hopeful and exciting moments even though that is sometimes impossible to see. This is where blind faith comes in, to let what is supposed to happen simply happen. My daily affirmations don't stop during these times, they continue even when I can't feel them resonate. When you are going through change & growth, keep up your daily affirmations and find something that you love to do and take the time to do it. Take care of you, it is so important. When you take care of you, you can then be available for others. Sending love to you, and to all others....the more love you give the more love you get. Namaste, and peace to all. May you find the joy and peace in every day and every season.

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