Monday, August 25, 2014

The darkest of time, then the wash of love

I sat in the dark
Telling myself this can not go on
I saw my heart in thousands of pieces

I had no courage to change
I had no courage to stay
I had no courage to go

Sitting in the dark 
I was alone
Fear was all there was

When there was nothing darker 
A light appeared
The whisper that everything will be ok
The feeling that love was around me

The words were clear yet they were not words
The words were energy
You are loved
You are enough
You are the change

The depth of despair I had never known
The depths I would never see again
Yet I will never forget
That was where I needed to be

To see the beauty of what light was
To see words as energy
To feel love wash over me

I am the fortunate one
I found the way
I found the courage
It was never gone
It always remains

Shine the light
For all who need it
For you
Radiate love

- Cristina Alfaro

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