Sunday, August 24, 2014

Living your life on purpose: Starting NOW!

Many people have asked me what I do in life that I am so happy? There is no magical answer, or two step process that I can tell people on how to live their life joyously. But there are many things that I do, the first being I live my life on purpose. I consciously create the life I want to be living in my thoughts. I think about how I want to feel, what kinds of people I want in my life, and I dream without limitations. I surround myself with positive thoughts, affirmations and I do my best to find the positive in everything. 
The law of attraction is this: whatever you give out you attract. Think about that....think about your thoughts, what thoughts are you sending out? Are you sending out thoughts of stress, worry, anxiety and negativity? Or are you sending out thoughts that are from appreciation, love and abundance. Thoughts are energy, feelings are energy, YOU are energy. Send out the energy of what you want, but as if you already have it. Let me give you an example: I will be successful, abundant and free of stress. One small change in that statement takes it from wanting it, to being it: I am successful, abundant and free of stress. I am, two powerful words. Wayne Dyer wrote a book discussing this concept, the I am concept. When you say it don't say what life is, say what you desire life to be. You have to live and feel the life you want before that life becomes what you are living. 
Everything starts as energy within before it becomes the energy that is what we consider reality. Practice your I am statements, and watch them throughout the day. As Esther Hicks and Abraham say, set off your rockets of desire, then allow the universe to answer it. I am love, I am successful at everything I do, I am living a joyous life, I am living life on purpose, I am creative, I am free of stress, I am loved, I am doing the work that I love & I am generously compensated for it, I am increasing my income every day. Practice this, start living your life on purpose. Start in your thoughts and be consistent with it, every day & all day be conscious of what energy you are sending out, for whatever you are giving out you are creating. Namaste :)

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