Sunday, August 10, 2014

Thoughts for the beginning of a new week

As we start this week, think of how grateful you are for everything in your life. The people who love you, and the people whom you love. Each day we live another day is an opportunity to find the joy and peace within. For many families it is the beginning of another school year, and for many the start of a new week at work. For others it is the beginning of new life, or saying goodbye to someone that is loved. Whatever this new week brings, take the time to discover the joy that is in your life.

We get to choose how we live each day, it all begins with your thoughts. What are you choosing as your thoughts? Are they worries of money? Are you stressed about work? Are you worried about health? Whatever the thoughts are, choose positive thoughts. Here are some thoughts that can help you see the joy, peace and beauty in every day.

I am so thankful for this day.
I am thankful for the loving relationships in my life.
I love my life!
I work at a job that gives me pleasure.
I am shocked at how many wonderful things happen every day.
I am abundant in all that is good.
I easily find time to rest and rejuvenate.
I am vibrantly healthy.
All is well in my world.
The universe is conspiring in my favor.

Choose thoughts that come from a positive place, every thought you think is creating your future, so be gentle and kind with your thoughts. The energy you give is the energy that you get. If you worry, you attract more worry. If you are stressed you attract more stress. If you are grateful you attract more to be grateful for. Send love in front of you, to your work or home, or wherever you are going that day. Send people and places your love. I send you my love, and I know you will have a wonderful week ahead. Namaste :)

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