Thursday, September 11, 2014

Love this moment

Today is a beautiful reminder to live in this moment. Millions of us will remember where we were, how we felt and how this day changed so many lives on 9/11/2001. We never know what our future holds, and we only have this moment in our lives to be happy and live joyously. Life is short here on this precious earth that we live on, we are meant to enjoy this sensory experience in absolute joy and love. Take this moment to breathe in the calm, and while breathing out smile knowing that you were able to take that breath, and to live in this moment. Forgot your worries, and just focus on right now. Think of the people that you share this journey with and radiate that love. Take a deep breath and savor this beautiful moment in this life. Namaste :)


  1. I woke up today with a sense of peace and the desire to stay present. Thank you for this message. You are a true blessing on this day and always.

    1. Thank you Rena, I am so happy we are so near now :)