Monday, September 15, 2014

Living Through Intention

I am currently reading The Map by Bonni Lonnsbury, and it is a fantastic book if you want to take steps in consciously creating the life you dream of. There are some really great tools on creating intentions. I have created intentions for the last 7 years or so, and this book is helping me refine my creation. Creating the life you love, and being able to live from peace and joy takes daily work. What steps do you take to create the life you dream of consciously? Well today, I will start by writing down my intentions, then refining them and making sure they are coming from a positive place instead of a place of lack. Adding gratitude to your intentions helps move quickly to manifestation. Example: I intent to create a business doing the work I love, by helping others find joy, peace and abundance. I intend that this business or an even better one will bring me more money than I ever imagined possible, while providing safety, an abundance of love, and loving, kind relationships. I intend that I will also be abundance in joy and peace while doing this work. I intend that I will work hours that will work with hours that make sense for who I am, and that I will experience the best of everything in life.

What are your intentions for your life? For more detailed information on conscious creation, I highly suggest reading her book, it is a really powerful tool for creation and manifestation. Namaste :)

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