Monday, September 8, 2014

You Create Joy

Living joyously is a conscious decision made each day. Every morning when you wake up, make the decision that you will find joy throughout your day. Mondays are the days that seem to be challenging when the alarm goes off, for me at least. But I start by being thankful for the comfortable bed I slept in, and thankful for the privilege of fresh, warm running water to start my day. I am also very fortunate to have a long drive to work, this is my time to listen to audio books and to do my self work (my affirmations). When you start your day from appreciation it is much easier to find the joy. The energy you give out is what you get back, gratitude brings more gratitude, joy brings more joy. Take a few moments and think about what you are grateful for, there is always something to be grateful for. Writing it down is so important, make a note of the people, things, or circumstances you are grateful for today. It is time well spent, and it gives you a moment to focus your energy on appreciation. All we have is this moment, and we are creating our future with our thoughts, starting with appreciation is profoundly important. Namaste :)
I appreciate and love my life.
I am love.
I am peaceful.
I am joyous.
I am a magnet for miracles.
I radiate love.

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