Tuesday, November 18, 2014

In dedication to my first teacher: Louise Hay

Back in 2006 my life came apart at the seams and my foundation crumbled. Life was falling apart, and it felt like there was nothing left to live for. I was depressed and contemplated ending life, but something deep inside led me to a different path. It was time to make a decision, and that decision took months to figure out but one fateful day I was introduced to Louise Hay’s teachings.

If you have not read Louise Hay, it is with a strong opinion that you do. She is the founder of Hay House, and she is an absolutely incredible and inspiring soul. She has helped millions find a voice, and see their own light. She saved my life, she was put in my path at the exact right time. She taught me that every word I speak and every thought I think is creating my future. She taught me that I, yes I can heal my own life. There is no one else who can change your life, or make it better or worse - only you can. Her book “You Can Heal Your Life” was the book that I read first in this life long journey of creating a joyous, peaceful and loving life.

About 4 years ago I was able to attend an I Can Do It Conference in San Diego, and it was there that I was able to meet this incredible woman who showed me how to heal myself and my life. I was able to thank her personally for what she had done. It has been one of the absolute most treasured moments in my life. Her energy is healing, compassionate and so loving I will never forget that moment. She appeared in my life through a show on Oprah, she looked in to the camera and said “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear” and my life has not been the same ever since.

I thank her, and so many teachers after that for helping me remember my authentic self, and for sharing their wisdom with the world. So many people in this world are fearlessly sharing their talents and passions, and affecting so many lives. This blog has been my way to reach others, to become a part of a community of like minded people and to share whatever I have learned along the way. Brene Brown taught me to embrace vulnerability, and this blog was created from that. I thank everyone who has reached out to me to share their story, and their wisdom. I thank the universe for continuing to guide me along the way. No matter what anyone believes as far as religion, we can all agree that love and compassion are the way. Thank you for continuing to read and share, Namaste :)

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