Thursday, November 20, 2014

Life is to be lived!

Why do we take so much for granted in our lives? I have been thinking all night about how we are so emotional and up and down as a human species. We experience anger, depression, anxiety, worry, sadness and along with that we experience joy, peace, bliss, fun, happy. These are all beautiful in their own ways. It is difficult to sometimes see past the days of worry or sadness, sometimes we are overwhelmed by all that is in our head. I get it, I really do....this is what happens to me!

But what happens when we stop and think about our lives, I mean really think about them? Look around you, take a deep breath of fresh air, and sense what is around and in us. Life! It is all around us, and completely consumes us. Every where I look right now, I see something beautiful. The blanket on me that is so warm, the clocks ticking in the background (my husband collects them, just in case you were wondering why the clocks?), the sound of my daughter rustling about getting ready for bed, the beauty of reading wonderful blogs and stories on the internet. The twinkling city lights outside, the clear sky lit by the moon, the comfortable couch I am sitting on, and the comfort and company of myself.

I read a blog just a little bit ago, by Chance Scoggins, you can read it here, and it made me change my attitude of frustration tonight. It reminded me that there are dreams to be brought to life, there is fear to overcome, there is love to be felt, and there is so much life to be lived. We get so caught up sometimes thinking about what bills have to be paid, what is coming next, why things may not be working out, why we lose people in our lives, why we have days we can't seem to get through and yet there is life to be lived. I truly believe that we are not here to figure every detail out, we are here to enjoy everything life has to offer. Believe in yourself, believe in all that you know in your heart that life can be, believe in love, believe that we can have and be and do whatever we want. Blind faith is so hard, and yet if we trusted the process of life and just enjoyed, my goodness what would happen? I will tell you what would happen, we would live authentically, vulnerably, joyously and so peacefully. We would laugh and not worry, we would smile and not scowl, we would feel so much love and so much happiness we probably wouldn't know what to do with ourselves. I am trying, and I know countless others who are too, but it is the times in life where I have had blind faith that the best things have happened, and living without stress is a pretty amazing feeling. Take a chance, get outside, laugh, love, get excited, jump, dance, do whatever it takes to get your vibration higher, get out there and live this life!! Namaste :)

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