Thursday, November 6, 2014

Our biggest fear is being alive

"To be alive is the biggest fear humans have, death is not the biggest fear we have. Our biggest fear is to be alive and to express what we really are" Don Miguel Ruiz, The Four Agreements

I started listening to the audio book "The Four Agreements" this morning, and this quote just struck me. Our biggest fear is being alive, and expressing who we really are. How true is that? If you think about your biggest fears, what are they? Is it not having enough money? Being alone? Being in pain? What stops you each day?

These are some questions to contemplate, and it made me think if I had no fears what would I do? We push ourselves away from what we truly are because we worry about what society would think, or what might happen if we stepped in to the life that would be so authentic to ourselves. I am excited about getting through this book, as this was in the first half hour of the book. This has already made me think so much about my fears and about expressing my authentic self no matter where I am. Living my authentic self is when I feel best, and if you follow your internal navigation of "does it feel right" I am on the right path whenever I am being authentic. I am enough, I am deserving, I am capable of all that I dream of. These I am statements are so powerful, and help keep you on your authentic journey. So take stock of where you are at in life, are you being authentic to who you are, or are you following the agreements made by society, family or yourself?

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  1. 'following the agreements made by society...' Wow! I feel adults to this all the time, especially as they get older and complacent about their career, finances, relationships. Disrupt that! Dare to be an inconoclast!
    Children question question society's rules all the time... dare to listen?!