Thursday, November 13, 2014

Through the dramas and distractions, remember your magnificence!

I saw this quote posted by Anita Moorjani today, and it resonated so deeply with me. We get caught up in the distractions and dramas that sometimes it feels as if we forget our bigger place in this universe. It is so true, that we never become disconnected from who we truly are, we can return to our authentic self at any time. We may let things take over and distract us, but we are always there for ourselves. We just have to connect, to take the time to find the joy in our lives and the appreciation for this expansive universe that we live in. Our physical self is but a reflection of our higher self. We are all here to learn lessons and to live the physical form in alignment with our higher self. Each day we work at it, each day we have opportunities to see the joy, some days we just have to purposefully change our direction in thoughts.

Living each day try to remember the bigger picture in life, and remember the things we worried about even a year ago have changed and gone. Live today with your magnificence shining through, have a deep belly laugh, dance, do yoga, take a walk and drink in the sun. Whatever it is that helps you remember your higher self and how magnificent you are, that is what you focus on. All the dramas and distractions are merely passing energy. You have not lost yourself or disconnected, you simply forgot. We can always go within and remember. Namaste :)

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