Monday, November 17, 2014

Living creatively to get in touch with your authenticity

Discovering our own path sometimes seems so difficult. I have been thinking about this and I have been contemplating my path. I know that when I am feeling great, I am on the path that is in alignment with who I am. I have recently been out of alignment with my authentic self and tons of self doubt shouting at me. I wonder often, am I on the right path? But I don't believe there is a right or wrong path, there is just being in alignment with who we really are.

My belief is that we have all come to live in this physical world to share our magnificence with everyone here. I sometimes lose sight of that bigger picture, and recently I have been focusing on the small things that distract me. This weekend I have had a lot of creative ideas flowing through me, and I learned that is when I feel best. When I am creating, I love coming up with ideas that help others live their authentic selves, and I love creating things that fill me with joy. I have millions of thoughts and ideas, and sometimes I don't do anything because I can't choose which one. But I have been learning (especially over the last year) to just be kind to myself, no judging, just accept who I am. And when I do that, I criticize myself less and I trust my inner guidance more. I am excited to put some of these ideas to paper and start creating. I thought of a great project that my kids can help me on with their ridiculous artistic talents. And I am finding my joy through this.

I know that my thoughts create my future, and lately I haven't been focusing on that. So today is a fresh start, as each day is. Today is a day to remind myself to put some affirmations up in my car, and to start saying them each day. I encourage you to do the same. If life has been distracting you from doing the things you love, I strongly encourage you to take the time today to write down three or four affirmations to get you back on track. Start creating something, it will ignite the passion in life. Living authentically, and joyously is the way to creating the life that you are dreaming of in that beautiful chaotic brain :) Create joy, create peace, and create the life you have imagined.

I am creative.
My creativity is always in demand.
I am living my life being authentic to myself.
I am filled with joy and peace.
The universe is conspiring in my favor!!!

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