Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Slowing Down

I just came back from my wedding/honeymoon in Anguilla (I included a picture of my favorite beach on this blog!). Anguilla is a British West Indies Island in the Caribbean. I never thought about how busy my mind is while I am home and working in my every day life. I love my life, and I feel like there is always more to do, and sometimes I even feel lazy. So we planned our honeymoon, and we intended to be secluded and just relax. What shocked me most, was how hard it was for me to actually slow down. It took me a couple of days to be able to just settle. Once I did, oh my gosh it was like living in meditation.

The island and the soothing ocean seduced my soul to slow down, and just be. It was so incredible, and it was so peaceful. For several days my biggest decision was, do I go in the pool first
or the ocean to swim. I know, rough life! Toward one of the last days on island, I was lying there and I literally forgot about everything, I even forgot I was a Mom. It is as if I was in a living meditation. During meditation our goal is to just be still, and let our thoughts go, and that is what I was living. It was so incredible, so relaxing, and so incredibly peaceful. I had dreamt of being in the Caribbean for so many years now, and I always knew I would feel at peace there, but I had no idea. I have never felt such an inner peace and stillness. I forgot about the stresses of life, and I was in a state of appreciation for things that matter. I was so grateful for the people in my life, and for being able to explore a piece of the world I had never been. Here is what I know, I miss it like I didn't think I would, and I fell in love with slowing down. All of our stresses and worries, are really just a distraction from our authentic selves....life goes on, enjoy it. Enjoy the people in your life, enjoy the quiet, enjoy the stillness. Life is meant to be enjoyed and experienced, so go do something that you love. It is tough to be back to work and the daily grind, but it is different this time. It is like I found a piece of my soul, and I love it. Namaste :)

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