Wednesday, November 5, 2014

What if you had it all?

This morning I decided I would have a pretend day. Yup, a pretend day that is what I said :) I read a book called "The Map" by Boni Lonnsburry and she made the suggestion to live a day as if you already had all the money you ever dreamed of. Like you had hit the lottery, and just imagine how you would feel throughout the day. The point is to live the feeling to attract the physical manifestation of it. Of course, not to go out and spend a bunch of your money, but to live as if you had won the lottery and that you already have everything you would have bought with it. So I decided today, that I would do this practice.

Pretending it helps activate the emotion that you are wanting so it isn't as if you are lying to yourself. And even if you are, so what? What is the worst that can happen - oh yea you could actually manifest it. My son and I were driving to his school this morning and I told him I would do this, he asked me so what does it feel like. I said I feel so free and happy, and I told him when I get to work today and have my first sip of coffee I would savor it. It is my favorite coffee, and I savored it and I knew not to worry because everything in my financial life was taken care of. I also put on some of my favorite music when I was driving to work, one in particular that I helped write for my husband. And I cried because I was so grateful for all that our love is. There is a part of the song that says: "When you took me by the hand and shined your light upon my world" and I thought of how much he has helped me see the beauty and the brilliance of life. He has brought so much vibrant color in to my world, and most of all he helped me believe in me. And as I was crying on the way to work thinking about how lucky I was to have my husband and my two children I was overcome with gratitude for them and for my life. I also cried because I have come so far and I have done so much over the last 5 and a half years, that I have come to believe in me and I have learned to find peace and joy within. So what if I had it all? Well I do, and I live today as if I had $300 million dollars in my account, because perhaps all I had to do was feel it to let go of the worries to have it.

So what would you do if you had it all? If money was no worry, if you had the love in your life that you want, or if you had the perfect job what would that feel like. Try to live a day in that feeling, you will activate the energy and it is universal law that it will come to you. So savor the cup of coffee, or your lunch, or the sun shining. Whatever it is for you, experience it today, right now and all your dreams and wishes will be activated and on their way. Namaste :)

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